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I'm just me and at least never find I need to be anyone else. I'm problematic, bubbly, loving, moody I have fire in my spirit. I'm a proud m
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Buckhaven, uk
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About me:
I am a proud mother my childrens life's are more important than my own, im a A board owner my forum, our board is my pride and joy, but it is only virtual reality none the less I have met some of the most 'real' and loyal people ever, through this place. My forum is just changing as I lost a lot of work on it. It left an empty feeling that wouldn't go away, but we are getting it all back, and its even more widespread, more than ever the people on here are amazingly perceptive, very smart and they want to study the 'criminal mind'. This place dosen't centre on the one case, it has many different forums with indepth looks at the Psychology behind each serial killer, or predator. Im an artist too I sketch write poems and im a nurse although not on a professional slant.Singer and song writer. Im focussing on what I see in this life-unfriendly bitter people, but its funny-they dont want to help..it helps me write better songs. Ha ha Im a full time mother a proud parent. To be happy and make my kids happy and loved one s around me happy, is the best start in life. Why are there so many people with no opinions but they are the first to talk about you behind your back.Here my profile you need 10 friends *ugh* impossible in this life we are lucky to have 3 or 4 true friends others, merely aqaintances. Back stabbers jelous people who try to undemime another, see all the knifes in my back, thatswhy I get back pain-- Thats hilarious, because I dont stand with my back to people......so??? C'mon show yourself unclean spirit.KELLY ANN TINYES~~~ever heard of her or her story well you should, check it out. Justice is coming her way and John Jay will be going away beside his evil brother...the 2 friends??? Read the story on here.Sylvia Likens any true crime enthusiast or hard nosed Detective is left a quivering wreck after reading bout this girls torture murder...see it here and beleive it. Prior to anything else, my children are the 'drive' they are the reason I get up every morning, they are my life, they mean the world to us. Terrible. Look at the sentence Baby Peters evil mother got and that scum bag step father. Were all sighning the petition hoping this will enable and help the prosecutors re-think and give them LIFE. They took away this childs life-and can never give it back. He is in the heaven that he never found in the hell this little soul lived in! And now Jason Owen, the brother of Peters torturist killer, is a free man.:( How they can live with that sin and guilt is beyond rational thought to me, I cant comprehend it. If these people did have remorse, then a crime like this could not have happened. And God rest Victoria stafford.........what is this world coming to?And mypartner Diane my coowner is a desirable doll, come & meet her....I'm lucky, in no order but in reality I have 2 genuine friends, and they are on here. Not everyone is bad.
Buckhaven, Scotland
Political views:
I do feel that David
Religious views:
It's personal apart from when someone exploits it.
Looking for:
Dancing. Singing, a sense of freedom comes with it As a dancer I unfortunately do suffer from a back problem but when Im free of it I dance away all the demented dreary 'feelings', lol I permanently jerk around like a woman posessed. *laughs*
Just give me pen and paper and I will make your visions almost real, I do carrtoon strips. Writing poetry. I also just draw in paint or pen. I act. Its fun with my kids doing other accents and making it a real movie.to us..ha ha ha. I love to write novels and be on my forum
Favorite Music:
 My own..um...its true, sometimes * blush*. Eva Cassidy. The 80's music. Amy Winehouse^0's music. OMD. Blondie. Montavanni. FRanky Miller--'Gladly Go Blnd' fantastic song. Snow Patol, good song writers. Lona Lewis, 'Run'. Roberta Flack 'the first time ever I saw your face. Then came an 'Eagle when he flies' by Dolly Parton. "Whats up" Four non blondes. Mississippi by Pussy cat. Dreams by Cranberries.The Jesus and Mary Chain--under the april sky. John Lennon 'imagine' Rest in peace Amy Winehouse, you had an astounding qaulity, you were not afraid to be yourslelf, a free spirit now free for ever, as you will live on forever. R.I.P +++ Shar 
Favorite TV Shows:
Law and order SVU also Criminal Intent--Eastenders. Most true crime series---and The real Exorcist.Cold Case,excellent series.
Favorite Movies:
The Freeway killer true story about william Bonin the first man,in California to die by lethal injection' . Preist., Sid and Nancy, The Exorcist the beginning, Cape Fear and One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest. Some like it hot, Short Eyes, the movie. Let the right one in.
Favorite Books:
~And I dont want to live this life. Deborah Spungen. The house of Evil.! She Must have known. Bian Masters.Serial Killers. FBI behaviour science unit. I lost this book in a house fire and cant recall the Authors name. The Kid. Kevin Lewis. Misery and Deloris Claybourne by Stephen King. 'For the love of Lesley'. Ann West."The red ripper" Andreis Chikatilo. :(~
Favorite Quotes:
Organisation is incompatable with creativity. Tear of the skin and were all the same underneathe. They dont build diamonds like they build bricks. One of Msrilyn Monroes was its good to have a career but you cant curl up with a career on a cold stormy night. True friends are precious,fragile and rare. False friends are like the autum leaves...you see them everywhere. ( a Shar poem/quote)
on a stage. at Myself (now)



Mini Bio.

Full Name    Sharon Therea Kane

D.O.B         24/6/69

I have come back after having my confidence dented, my feelings tramped on, heart broken. However it was a clean break.I did heal. My enemies will never heal they are already ruined. If you have ever been stalked to the extent that your perpitrator makes your personal life a hell on earth, and that someone close to you, in your family is in unison with the person who did this, you will know how long it takes to get over it. I break gently, like a lady. I dont smash like an old ornament. I hurt deep, but I fight deeper. I even come back as a phoenix. My children and my long life Fiance are my world. They know me. I worship them. They taught me that inside, beauty lay there but wasn't going to die there. I owe them the best lie I can give them. I spotfalse people as quick as lightning. You know these type always end up alone because others tire of their selfish behaviour. I truly hope no one has to go through what I have been through, Diane my partner on "Watching true crime stories" is a darling, I now realise that she has always loved me, it took me a while to realise this because of plain and simple human evil. This wont happen again. My music career is building now, I will never forget my promise to you mum. I have never forgotten my dreams, Uncle Alex, never will they be lost again.
Dan I truly love you. Thanks forjust being 'you' I love you beyond the realms of what is normal. Normal and I bore each other to tears anyway. I wish my friends on line were here this Christmas Eve, Im doing a Christmas disco! When I do Boney M's "Mary's boy child" I will think of the few people here, a small but precious list, and I'll wish you joy you never knew you could feel. I'll also throttle Santa, that beardy old so and so has a lot of credit cards to answe to. Not Christmas cards. *big smiles*

Describe yourself~ bubbly shy. Sensitive outspoken creative emotional. Intuitive
What you dislike in other people~  people who are not typical to the every day traits that mess things up. Jelousy, competitive and unwillingness to help, spiteful. All out for themselfes.Selfishness. I hate that
like people who can express who they are who dont care about getting one up on the other.Helpful modest humerous and kind. Also people with an edge to them
Fav. Perfumes ~Chanel no.5. Exclamation. Red Door.
places to visit ~ HollyWood. I want to visit again, but with money this time. Castles. Haunted houses. Parks. Beautiful scenery.
Interests~ True Crime. None of us live in a PG world. Crime has never been so widespread. What makes these people become this way were they born like that? Art and poetry.And fun. Music is a big one for me I am musical and imagine how boring it would be without harmony in our life
movies & books ~Cape Fear with DeNiro. Law and Order SVU. Twilight books movies. A beautiful mind. One flew over the cuckoos nest. The Devils rejects, lots and lots of them. Tara movies deffinately.
Good over powers evil every time if you search it will be there if you choose to be blind and choose not to care the darkness will consume you and take you there......Shar



This is me CAncerian Im cancer the crab.Emotional, romantic, moody, creative. I am governed by powerful emotions as Im ruled by the moon and I find that characteristically its true, not day to day readings, but our 'nature' as people holds some truth to it.


Marilyn Monroe is my idol for many reasons. I love Debbie Harry and Cyndi Lauper both women like Marilyn had a unique persoanality and suited being blonde, making it MORE exciting.dance.gifIm just starting on this thanks to my friend Layla. So im looking forward to building more on it, no im not playing lego ha ha I mean adding more.cute.gif~ Shar~

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